Six months following LaGuerta's death, a mentally-shattered Debra has quit her job at Miami Metro due to her guilt of murdering her. In her absence, Batista returns from retirement and is promoted to the vacant lieutenant position. Miami Metro investigates a new serial killer, the "Brain Surgeon", and receives the unexpected help of psychopath expert Evelyn Vogel (Charlotte Rampling), who appears to have a special interest in Dexter. Meanwhile, Debra is working an undercover job for a private investigation company to bring in a bail jumper (Rhys Coiro), who had stolen $500,000 worth of jewelry from a mob-controlled store. Dexter goes to warn Debra that the person her mark is due to sell to is a hitman from the mob, but Dexter goes into a rage after talking to her and kills the mark, while the hitman secretly watches Debra leave. Quinn and Jamie have begun a relationship, which Quinn wants to keep a secret from Batista. Later, Dexter is confronted by Vogel with murderous drawings from his childhood. When Dexter threatens her, she states he can't kill her since she doesn't meet Harry's Code.

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Dexter Season 8

# Title Air Date
8:1 A Beautiful Day Jun 30, 2013
8:2 Every Silver Lining... Jul 7, 2013
8:3 What's Eating Dexter Morgan? Jul 14, 2013
8:4 Scar Tissue Jul 21, 2013
8:5 This Little Piggy Jul 28, 2013
8:6 A Little Reflection Aug 4, 2013
8:7 Dress Code Aug 11, 2013
8:8 Are We There Yet? Aug 18, 2013
8:9 Make Your Own Kind of Music Aug 25, 2013
8:10 Goodbye Miami Sep 8, 2013
8:11 Monkey In A Box Sep 15, 2013
8:12 Remember the Monsters? Sep 22, 2013

A Beautiful Day
performed by Indie.Arie

Beautiful Day
performed by Henrik Wikstrom

Beautiful Day
performed by Joshua Radin

Beautiful Day
performed by Mellowdrone

Beautiful Day
performed by Spider Harrison

Beautiful Day
performed by Stacey Levine

Beautiful Day
performed by U2

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Beautiful Day
performed by Unknown

Beautiful Days
performed by Venus