Hank continues to contemplate whether to start a more serious relationship with Faith or to try and win Karen back. Meanwhile, Atticus Fetch starts his tour on bus (not having enough money to pay for his airplane expenses). On the opening gig of the tour Atticus remarries Charlie and Marcy onstage, which makes Hank fantasize about asking Karen to marry him. After the show Hank gets a call from Becca, who urges him to be happy, and he embarks on the Atticus tour with Faith the next morning. While on the road Hank dreams of losing Karen in the Hell bar, and wakes up decided to go back to her. After saying his goodbyes to Faith and Atticus, Hank gets a motorcycle lift from Krull. The episode ends with Hank having just knocked on Karen's door, uncertain of how things will turn out.

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I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy

Dates: October 15, 1951 - May 6, 1957
This Television Series is referred to by I'll Lay My Monsters Down part of Californication Season 6
Hank tells Karen, on the day of Marcy and Charlie's wedding, that Marcy and Charlie are the "Fred and Ethel Mertz" of our time.

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