Charlie announces to Hank and Faith that Atticus is contemplating retiring from the music business including dropping out from the musical due to wanting to spend time in rehab. Hank and Faith with the help of Becca and Bates convince Atticus not to drop out - instead to even pitch it as a form of a comeback. Ophelia reveals her feelings to Marcy which Marcy does not reciprocate. This escalates to Ophelia luring Charlie to Marcy's house and chaining both up. They realize they still love each other. Charlie and Marcy announce to Hank and Faith that they are getting re-married. Atticus invites all three on his tour, even offering to Charlie and Marcy on officiating their marriage. Hank and Karen say goodbye to Becca as she heads off to her literary pilgrimage. Karen ponders to Hank whether Becca is the reason they are still connected to each other.

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