ACN decides to proceed with the story about the candidate in California instead of the Petraeus story. Leona decides to let Reese make the decision on whether to accept the resignations of Will, Charlie, and Mac. Will learns that senior staff will also resign as a result of Genoa and tries to convince them not to. Hallie believes that Maggie cut her own hair and tells Jim of her concern. Jim discovers that his ex-girlfriend (Maggie's roommate, Lisa) has a second job working for a caterer at the campaign watch party. He meets with Lisa and encourages her to return to speaking terms with Maggie. Sloan realizes that Don was the one who bought the book, gives him a signed copy, and kisses him. To fix Mac's Wikipedia page, Neal proposes a plan for Jim to give Hallie an article Neal has written under Hallie's name to confirm that Mac was President of the Cambridge Union. Hallie writes the article herself as a gift from "new media". Reese decides not to accept Will, Charlie, and Mac's resignations, but Will and Charlie have already decided not to resign. Maggie and Lisa talk. Will asks Mac to marry him and she says yes. The ACN staff celebrates. Takes place on Election Night, November 6, 2012.

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The Newsroom Season 2

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