Sgt. Longford reconsiders his retirement but gets told that it is not that simple to undo. Detective Fitch's time with his son Bobby (Vadim Imperioli) is interrupted by the arrival of 'Big Al' Stram (Tommy Flanagan) from New York. A family is killed over what is believed to be a drug debt. Special Agent Harkins confronts Detective Fitch about his claiming to have never heard of Al Stram because she now holds the unsealed case files of his investigation in New York. When it is discovered that the father of the murdered family was a supervisor with Customs and Border Protection at the Ambassador Bridge and that he had refused to work with Stram Detective Fitch realizes it is a message to him. When Detective Washington realizes that it was Stram whom he saw at the museum talking with his partner he informs Lt. Mason. When confronted about the secrecy Detective Fitch reveals that his case against Stram in New York ended because Stram had killed his partner and his partner's family and he believes that Stram will do the same to Detective Washington and his family if he isn't stopped. Determined to not let Stram get away again Detective Fitch entrusts his son to Detective Washington's care and with Detective Majahan and Sgt. Longford goes after the Scottish mobster, staying at least one step ahead of Special Agent Harkins who only wants to get Stram in custody. The rest of the department attends the baptism of Detective Washington's son.

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Detroit 1-8-7 Season 1

# Title Air Date
Detroit 1-8-7
1:1 Pharmacy Double / Bullet Train Sep 21, 2010
1:2 Local Hero/Overboard Sep 28, 2010
1:3 Nobody's Home / Unknown Soldier Oct 5, 2010
1:4 Royal Bubbles / Needle Drop Oct 12, 2010
1:5 Murder in Greektown/High School Confidential Oct 19, 2010
1:6 Lost Child/Murder 101 Oct 26, 2010
1:7 Broken Engagement/Trashman Nov 9, 2010
1:8 Deja Vu/All In Nov 16, 2010
1:9 Home Invasion/Drive-By Nov 30, 2010
1:10 Shelter Dec 7, 2010
1:11 Ice Man/Malibu Jan 4, 2011
1:12 Key to the City Jan 11, 2011
1:13 Road to Nowhere Feb 1, 2011
1:14 Beaten/Cover Letter Feb 8, 2011
1:15 Legacy/Drag City Feb 15, 2011
1:16 Stone Cold Mar 8, 2011
1:17 Motor City Blues Mar 15, 2011
1:18 Blackout Mar 20, 2011

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