Detective Fitch is the prime suspect in the murder of Henry Malloy, a prominent philanthropist who had just been given the key to the city. Lt. Mason is not at all pleased when Jess Harkins, an FBI agent from Chicago, is brought in to lead the investigation just because Mr Malloy was the subject of a federal investigation. After interrogating Detective Fitch for a little while he asks Special Agent Harkins if he can go. When she says they are just getting started he turns and profiles her and says that she needs to learn to do her job better and excuses himself to go do his job. Special Agent Harkins continues her interviews of Fitch's co-workers while they investigate a shooting aboard a bus and a large sum of money littering the street. When advising next-of-kin of the shooting Detectives Washington and Fitch discover the money was a ransom payment and that the granddaughter of one of the men killed on the bus has been kidnapped. Realising that everybody who has seen the girl's father are now dead Detective Fitch agrees to go undercover as the distraught father who has the new ransom payment. While changing out of his work suit Detective Fitch confides in his partner that he left New York City because 'Big Al' Stram, a mobster he had been close to arresting, promised to kill his son if he didn't leave. The FBI arrests a known hit man for the murder of Henry Malloy. Detective Fitch is on his way home after stopping for some groceries when he gets a call from 'Big Al' Stram who offers his welcomes for helping to clean up Detroit and says that he is looking for a new friend.

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Detroit 1-8-7 Season 1

# Title Air Date
Detroit 1-8-7
1:1 Pharmacy Double / Bullet Train Sep 21, 2010
1:2 Local Hero/Overboard Sep 28, 2010
1:3 Nobody's Home / Unknown Soldier Oct 5, 2010
1:4 Royal Bubbles / Needle Drop Oct 12, 2010
1:5 Murder in Greektown/High School Confidential Oct 19, 2010
1:6 Lost Child/Murder 101 Oct 26, 2010
1:7 Broken Engagement/Trashman Nov 9, 2010
1:8 Deja Vu/All In Nov 16, 2010
1:9 Home Invasion/Drive-By Nov 30, 2010
1:10 Shelter Dec 7, 2010
1:11 Ice Man/Malibu Jan 4, 2011
1:12 Key to the City Jan 11, 2011
1:13 Road to Nowhere Feb 1, 2011
1:14 Beaten/Cover Letter Feb 8, 2011
1:15 Legacy/Drag City Feb 15, 2011
1:16 Stone Cold Mar 8, 2011
1:17 Motor City Blues Mar 15, 2011
1:18 Blackout Mar 20, 2011

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