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: Seeing Red (2013)

: Seeing Red (2013) (Television Episode)
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Seeing Red (Television Episode)

January 24, 2013
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Continuing from the previous episode, we see Vincent lay Cat on the road as Evan and Heather arrive, in an incongruity from the final scenes of the previous episode in which he is still standing with Cat in his arms as Evan steps out of the car. Evan stabilizes Cat and gets her to the hospital. While there, Cat is visited by Vincent, but he is spotted by Cat's nurse, who turns out to be Alex, Vincent's former fiancée. Cat realizes that Alex knows Vincent and, with Tess's help, looks into her background. She learns that Alex has complained about being stalked and having her apartment broken into, but the 86th precinct personnel had written her off as paranoid. Cat leaves the hospital and comes across Alex being held with a knife at her throat by Connor, a former patient. She scares him off, saving Alex. While she is at Alex's apartment, Vincent turns up. He had told Alex that Cat was his handler in some form of witness protection. Vincent and Cat use Alex as bait to trap Connor, who is clever enough to detonate a bomb as a distraction while he makes off with Alex. There is a chase through the basement passages of the hospital, in which Connor locks Alex in a room and attempts to kill beast Vincent, who in turn discovers that he now has night vision. In the melee that follows, Vincent manages to return to normal and shoot Connor dead rather than ripping him apart. He frees Alex and the two kiss and embrace just in time to be seen by Catherine. Meanwhile, J.T. gets a visit from Evan asking about old research he did on mutant DNA and wanting to do joint research on the topic. Cat tells Vincent that Alex still loves him and he needs to work out whether he still loves her.