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: Bridesmaid Up! (2012)

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: Bridesmaid Up! (2012) (Television Episode)
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Bridesmaid Up! (Television Episode)

December 13, 2012
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Catherine's father's nuptials are approaching and the bride-to-be and her bridesmaids insist that Cat has to have a "plus one". To fend them off, Catherine invents a Vincent Zalansky, a medical doctor from Denver. In the meantime, Vincent shows up to tell Catherine that he smelled blood on a man entering a certain address in New York. Catherine gets Tess to check the address and it turns out to be a matchmaking service. They also find a missing person report that could be the victim and find his body shot in the shower. Catherine uses the need for a partner to the wedding as an excuse to go to the matchmaking agency, and learns that the name of the date the deceased had the night of the murder. The husband of the lady operating the agency is the man that Vincent smelled the blood on, and Catherine surmises that the dead man was murdered by the agency operator and the husband cleaned up the mess. The husband is arrested for fraud charges and Catherine confronts the wife but appears not to have sufficient proof to hold her. On the wedding plus-one front, Catherine's sister, Heather, has broken up with her boyfriend and invites Evan as her plus-one. Meanwhile, Vincent tries to get J.T. to go with Catherine to the wedding, but J.T. doesn't show and Catherine has to admit that she made up Zelinsky. Right after that, she sees Vincent at the door and they dance together before going outside to talk. Catherine gets him some food, but on the way runs into Heather, who tells her about the research Evan has been doing on Vincent's DNA samples. It appears that he is continuing to mutate and he is becoming more animal like. Catherine relays this to Vincent, who chooses to leave rather than eat. Catherine gets upset about this and decides to drive back into town to speak with Vincent. She takes Heather's car, but is attacked and shot by matchmaking lady on the way home. Catherine manages to shoot her attacker (presumably mortally) but is dying in the car when beast Vincent rips the door off and pulls her out. He is unable to do the medical procedure required to save her in this state and is standing in the middle of the road holding her when Evan and Heather turn up.