Dana (Morgan Saylor) helps Leo (Sam Underwood) escape from the hospital, and they go on the run together in Jessica's (Morena Baccarin) car. They go to Leo's brother's grave, and their conversation reveals that his brother committed suicide. Dana then takes him to the base where her father was stationed, and says that the day he said goodbye to her before being deployed to Iraq was the last time he was honest with her. Jessica and Mike (Diego Klattenhoff), whom she is now dating, meet Leo's parents, who call Dana "a bad influence"; their accusatory attitude toward Jessica implies that they think Dana is just like her father. Mike starts investigating Leo, and finds out that he was sent to the hospital as part of a plea agreement — the police believe that he was responsible for his brother's death. 
Fara (Nazanin Boniadi) traces the money behind the Langley bombings to an Iranian professional soccer player who died years before. Saul (Mandy Patinkin) theorizes that the true culprit is using a fake identity. 
Carrie (Claire Danes) attends a competency hearing, with apparently good chances of being released from the psychiatric hospital. Her release is denied, however, due to a directive from the U.S. Department of Justice labeling her a security risk. She calls her father and tells him to tell Saul that she will do anything he asks if he has her released. Shortly after, it is revealed that a Washington appellate judge granted Carrie's release, which prompts Saul to freeze her bank account and put her under surveillance. When Carrie returns home, Franklin (Jason Butler Harner) is there waiting for her, and asks her one more time to meet his client. She refuses at first, but after Franklin reveals that it was his firm that facilitated her release along with a promise to keep her out of the hospital permanently, she agrees. She meets the client, Leland Bennett (Martin Donovan), a lawyer for a bank with ties to Iranian terrorists, including the masterminds of the Langley bombing. Bennett asks her to give them information about the CIA in return for their protection against the agency's reprisals against her; he says that the agency will destroy her, one way or another, unless she accepts the deal. Carrie does so, but refuses to name any agents in the field. That night, she goes to Saul's house, and it is revealed that her ordeal has been part of an elaborate, secret operation to infiltrate the Iranian terrorist group behind the bombing.

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Kubla Khan
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This Poem is referred to by Game On part of Homeland Season 3
Dana quotes from this poem at Leo's brother's grave

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