Virginia has trouble telling Masters that she cannot accept his proposal, but Masters informs her that Scully has cancelled the study because he found out they were monitoring couples having sex. Masters believes it was Ethan who told Scully and fires Virginia on the spot for sleeping with him. Masters moves the study to a brothel with the help of Betty, but he and the participating prostitutes are arrested shortly after. Meanwhile, after being rejected by Virginia, Ethan tries to replicate their sexual liaison with other girls, but to no avail. Virginia coaxes some reluctant prostitutes to rejoin the study, and Masters temporarily takes her back to work with him, but refuses to commit beyond the day-to-day.

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Masters of Sex Season 1

# Title Air Date
Masters of Sex
1:1 Pilot Sep 29, 2013
1:2 Race to Space Oct 6, 2013
1:3 Standard Deviation Oct 13, 2013
1:4 Thank You For Coming Oct 20, 2013
1:5 Catherine Oct 27, 2013
1:6 Brave New World Nov 3, 2013
1:7 All Together Now Nov 10, 2013
1:8 Love and Marriage Nov 17, 2013
1:9 Involuntary Nov 24, 2013
1:10 Fallout Dec 1, 2013
1:11 Phallic Victories Dec 8, 2013
1:12 Manhigh Dec 15, 2013

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