We are all at the mercy of the Sun. Its glowing disc sustains nearly all life on Earth. But the Sun also holds a dark secret: someday, our aging, expanding star will bathe the Earth in a fiery holocaust. Everything we know will turn to hot, bubbling, plasma.

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Through the Wormhole Season 4

# Title Air Date
Through the Wormhole
4:1 Is There a God Particle? Mar 20, 2013
4:2 When Does Life Begin? Jun 5, 2013
4:3 Can We Survive the Death of the Sun? Jun 12, 2013
4:4 How Do Aliens Think? Jun 19, 2013
4:5 Will Sex Become Extinct? Jun 26, 2013
4:6 Can Our Minds Be Hacked? Jul 3, 2013
4:7 Are Robots the Future of Human Evolution? Jul 10, 2013
4:8 Is Reality Real? Jul 17, 2013
4:9 Do We Have Free Will? Jul 24, 2013
4:10 Did God Create Evolution? Jul 31, 2013

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