When Henrietta, one of the Goth kids, is sent out to a camp for "troubled" kids, she returns deeply changed as an emo kid, which finally makes her parents happy. The rest of the goth kids panic and must seek help from the Vampire Kids, who still don't forgive them for burning down Hot Topic as seen in "The Ungroundable."

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South Park Season 17

# Title Air Date
South Park
17:1 Let Go, Let Gov Sep 25, 2013
17:2 Informative Murder Porn Oct 2, 2013
17:3 World War Zimmerman Oct 9, 2013
17:4 Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers Oct 23, 2013
17:5 Taming Strange Oct 30, 2013
17:6 Ginger Cow Nov 6, 2013
17:7 Black Friday Nov 13, 2013

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