Jax apologizes to Gemma and Nero for what happened with Tara after he discovered all the truth. After Clay locks down all of SAMCRO's gun customers only one customer is left waiting to close on the deal, the Italian Cacuzza family. Jax and the Irish meet with Jimmy Cacuzza to ensure that they're onboard with Clay being the new distributor. In an attempt to secure them as customers the Irish attack the Chinese (Lin) leaving SAMCRO in a very compromising position. After the meet SAMCRO is kidnapped by the Chinese who demand for the Sons to hand over the business and territory or else. The Chinese keep Happy as insurance that Jax will honor their demand. Tara catches Jax in bed with Collette and leaves angrily. Pissed off at everything that's gone on she decides to try to make a deal with DA Patterson but Patterson refuses, stating that the deal is no longer on the table.

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Sons of Anarchy Season 6

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