Lockhart/Gardner, rebranding itself to be known simply as 'LG', plans to open a new branch in New York; and despite the lack of decor, Florrick/Agos finally moves into their own offices. Natalie Florres (America Ferrera) returns to Chicago to ask Alicia's help in defending an undocumented Mexican immigrant who is being threatend with deportation if he does not testify against a dangerous drug cartel lord. Marilyn, who notices Eli's renewed interest in Natalie, fears for the ethical implications of his relationship with her. Robyn, meanwhile, fearing for her own place at Florrick/Agos, seeks Kalinda's advice to become indispensable to the firm.

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The Good Wife Season 5

# Title Air Date
The Good Wife
5:1 Everything is Ending Sep 29, 2013
5:2 The Bit Bucket Oct 6, 2013
5:3 A Precious Commodity Oct 13, 2013
5:4 Outside the Bubble Oct 20, 2013
5:5 Hitting the Fan Oct 27, 2013
5:6 The Next Day Nov 3, 2013
5:7 The Next Week Nov 10, 2013
5:8 The Next Month Nov 17, 2013
5:9 Whack-a-Mole Nov 24, 2013
5:10 The Decision Tree Dec 1, 2013
5:11 Goliath and David Jan 5, 2014
5:12 We, the Juries Jan 12, 2014

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