Still seeking to be perpetually young and beautiful, Fiona questions her captive Madame LaLaurie, who says Marie Laveau (Angela Bassett) gave her an immortality elixir, killed her family, and buried her alive. Fiona visits Laveau in a 9th ward salon and creates a renewed rivalry between the Salem witches and the voodoo practitioners. Meanwhile, Zoe and Madison decide to cast a resurrection spell in order to bring Kyle back to life. When Kyle reanimates as a scared, angry monster, Zoe must seek help from swamp goddess Misty. Elsewhere, Cordelia and husband Hank have trouble conceiving a child, so he convinces her to cast a fertility spell.

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American Horror Story Season 3

# Title Air Date
American Horror Story
3:1 Bitchcraft Oct 9, 2013
3:2 Boy Parts Oct 16, 2013
3:3 The Replacements Oct 23, 2013
3:4 Fearful Pranks Ensue Oct 30, 2013
3:5 Burn, Witch. Burn! Nov 6, 2013
3:6 The Axeman Cometh Nov 13, 2013
3:7 The Dead Nov 20, 2013
3:8 The Sacred Taking Dec 4, 2013
3:9 Head Dec 11, 2013
3:10 The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks Jan 8, 2014

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