It's a full-scale war in Atlantic City, and bodies are piling up on both sides. Operating out of a lumber yard, Nucky seeks to weaken the Rosetti/Masseria alliance while struggling to keep peace between Capone and Chalky. In New York, Luciano is framed by Masseria and Rothstein with the aid of corrupt police. Gillian makes a failed attempt to woo, drug and presumably kill Rosetti. Nucky strikes a deal with Rothstein to break Rosetti's strength. Chalky and Capone's army massacre Masseria's men as they are retreating to NYC. Richard storms Gillian's house and kills many of Rosetti's men. Rosetti escapes. Nucky then uses his political connections to settle a score with Rothstein. Richard gives Tommy a new home at Julia's, sacrificing his own relationship with her in the process. Rosetti meets with his three remaining henchmen but, on orders from Nucky, Gyp's main assistant stabs him to death while he is urinating on a beach. Nucky tracks down Margaret, who ends their relationship. A depressed Nucky then proceeds to walk the boardwalk where he is recognized by other pedestrians. While he is lonely, he has finally retaken control of Atlantic City.

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Boardwalk Empire Season 3

# Title Air Date
Boardwalk Empire
3:1 Resolution Sep 16, 2012
3:2 Spaghetti & Coffee Sep 23, 2012
3:3 Bone for Tuna Sep 30, 2012
3:4 Blue Bell Boy Oct 7, 2012
3:5 You'd Be Surprised Oct 14, 2012
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3:7 Sunday Best Oct 28, 2012
3:8 The Pony Nov 4, 2012
3:9 The Milkmaid's Lot Nov 11, 2012
3:10 A Man, A Plan Nov 18, 2012
3:11 Two Imposters Nov 25, 2012
3:12 Margate Sands Dec 2, 2012

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