Chalky and Daughter arrive at Havre de Grace to stay with Oscar Boneau, his old mentor. Gillian says goodbye to Tommy and looks forward to a life with Roy when he proposes to her. Knox pressures Eli to set up a meeting between the East Coast bosses in the network. Chalky wakes to find Daughter gone; some of Narcisse's men descend on the house, killing blind Oscar before being killed by his men. Gillian is tricked by Roy, who is actually a Pinkerton agent, into confessing to her killing of Roger. Nucky agrees to the peace-brokering meeting that Eli suggests but he realizes Knox is the "skunk in his cellar" that Gaston Means referred to in a phone call and that he's turned Eli.

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Boardwalk Empire Season 4

# Title Air Date
Boardwalk Empire
4:1 New York Sour Sep 8, 2013
4:2 Resignation Sep 15, 2013
4:3 Acres of Diamonds Sep 22, 2013
4:4 All In Sep 28, 2013
4:5 Erlkonig Oct 6, 2013
4:6 The North Star Oct 13, 2013
4:7 William Wilson Oct 20, 2013
4:8 The Old Ship of Zion Oct 27, 2013
4:9 Marriage and Hunting Nov 3, 2013
4:10 White Horse Pike Nov 10, 2013
4:11 Havre de Grace Nov 17, 2013
4:12 Farewell Daddy Blues Nov 24, 2013

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