Callie is facing a malpractice lawsuit filed by an Olympic athlete that was referred by Cristina. During the athlete’s hip surgery, his oxygen level dropped and his heart started beating really fast causing the team of doctors to close up without removing the last sponge. Callie’s father returns to show his daughter support, and learns for the first time that Callie and Arizona are no longer together. Through flashbacks, it is revealed that Callie and Arizona had chosen a sperm donor to inseminate Arizona; they wanted a second child. However, during one of the pregnancy check-ups, their doctor couldn't find the heart beat because she had miscarried. This only added to their pre-existing feelings of loss. Through the trial process, Cristina tells the jury that she had insisted working on the athlete’s heart before his legs (which had been affected by a post-op infection); Callie did not agree to this sequencing, and that is why they went ahead with a second surgery on his legs. After the trial and before the jury’s verdict, Callie finds a letter at home behind her bookcase that says that the use of the hip they were using for the athlete’s surgery had been discontinued after five patients had post-op infections tracing back to bacteria. Callie feels like she should bring this letter to the jury’s attention, but Meredith debates that she shouldn’t because the truth of the matter is, Callie did nothing wrong. Callie’s father, in effort of saving his daughter’s marriage, reveals that he once cheated on her mother and had her mother not given him a second chance, he wouldn’t have Callie. This persuades Callie to go to Arizona’s hotel room and ask her to move back in. In response, once Callie exits, Arizona tells Leah that she should get dressed and leave.

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