With Harker's help, Grayson begins to dismantle the Order of the Dragon from within by attacking its members one by one. He unmasks and exploits Lord Lorenz's secret to his own advantage. This ultimately leads the Order to take drastic measures to reprimand members who break the rules. As a result of a chain of events resulting from Grayson's blackmail of Lord Lorenz, he, in turn, earns a powerful enemy within the Order of the dragon - Lord Davenport. Renfield proves to be a sophisticated and skillful tactician in business matters on behalf of his employer. Grayson investigates Lady Jayne and finds brutal proof regarding her secret life within the Order -- now he realizes he must change his tactics with her. Lucy tries to help Mina who is depressed over the current sad state of her relationship with Jonathan. Mina confides in Grayson about her troubles and Grayson offers Jonathan advice to help fix the situation. Jonathan and Mina reconcile and become engaged to be married -- all according to Grayson's plan to continue to keep Mina close, but not too close.

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Dracula Season 1

# Title Air Date
1:1 The Blood Is the Life Oct 25, 2013
1:2 A Whiff of Sulfur Nov 1, 2013
1:3 Goblin Merchant Men Nov 8, 2013
1:4 From Darkness to Light Nov 15, 2013
1:5 The Devil's Waltz Nov 29, 2013
1:6 Of Monsters and Men Dec 6, 2013
1:7 Servant to Two Masters Jan 3, 2014

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