Simon Westbrook is arrested for causing the deaths of the six companies of French troops, based on the testimony of a prostitute who supposedly saw him bragging about it. Tomas shows his true colors to Mary by threatening her and hitting a whipping boy when Mary talks back to him. After receiving a hint from Clarissa, Mary, Francis and Bash realize that Tomas had the most to gain by warning the English. Mary questions the prostitute, who admits she was paid for her testimony. Francis and Bash find Tomas when he's about to kill his whipping boy in order cover his tracks in the plot; a fight ensues and Francis kills Tomas. Mary, Francis, and Bash return to court in time to prevent Simon's execution. Henry and Catherine decide to cover up Tomas' treachery in order to maintain good relations with Portugal, pretending that his death was an accident. Simon leaves France as the new English envoy to Portugal. Due to her role in protecting France's ties with Portugal, Mary is able to reopen negotiations for her marriage to Francis, this time pressuring Henry and Catherine for better terms for herself and Scotland.

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Reign Season 1

# Title Air Date
1:1 Pilot Oct 17, 2013
1:2 Snakes in the Garden Oct 24, 2013
1:3 Kissed Oct 31, 2013
1:4 Hearts and Minds Nov 7, 2013
1:5 A Chill in the Air Nov 14, 2013
1:6 Chosen Nov 21, 2013
1:7 Left Behind Dec 5, 2013
1:8 Fated Dec 12, 2013
1:9 For King and Country Jan 23, 2014
1:12 Royal Blood Feb 27, 2014
1:13 The Consummation Mar 6, 2014
1:18 No Exit Apr 17, 2014
1:21 Long Live the King May 8, 2014
1:22 Slaughter of Innocence May 15, 2014

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