Joe Carroll continues his story as he brings Claire to a secluded island. Meanwhile, Agent Parker is still missing. A young boy is found with a mask that has a phone number that will reach Parker in her coffin. They find the car that Parker describes and are attacked by a sniper. Ryan captures the sniper and brings him in for questioning on the whereabouts of Parker. After he is tortured, the sniper reveals Parker's location. Mike and Ryan proceed to the location with the sniper in custody, but arrive too late. The sniper then laughs, and Ryan, frustrated, kills the sniper. While calling for backup, Ryan further investigates the coffin and finds Carroll's unfinished story. The manuscript tells Ryan where to go alone for his final showdown with Joe. Mike tries to reason with Ryan to let him go with him, but Ryan holds him off at gunpoint and takes off alone. At the location described, Ryan encounters Emma, and after a brief exchange he is drugged and brought to the island where Carroll is holding Claire. Some time after arriving at the island, Ryan wakes up and, during the ensuing struggle, he and Carroll end up in a boathouse filled with gasoline tanks. A gasoline tank is hit with a stray shot, engulfing the building and a trapped Joe in flames. When Ryan runs outside, the building explodes, presumably killing Carroll. After the FBI secure the scene, Ryan takes Claire back to his apartment. With Claire in the other room, Ryan's ex-girlfriend Molly shows up and stabs him in the stomach, revealing that she is a follower. When Claire enters the room, Molly proceeds to stab her in the back, leaving Ryan screaming in terror.

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The Following Season 1

# Title Air Date
The Following
1:1 Pilot Jan 21, 2013
1:2 Chapter Two Jan 28, 2013
1:3 The Poet's Fire Feb 4, 2013
1:4 Mad Love Feb 11, 2013
1:5 The Siege Feb 18, 2013
1:6 The Fall Feb 25, 2013
1:7 Let Me Go Mar 4, 2013
1:8 Welcome Home Mar 11, 2013
1:9 Love Hurts Mar 18, 2013
1:10 Guilt Mar 25, 2013
1:11 Whips and Regret Apr 1, 2013
1:12 The Curse Apr 8, 2013
1:13 Havenport Apr 15, 2013
1:14 The End is Near Apr 22, 2013
1:15 The Final Chapter Apr 29, 2013

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