The episode begins as Rebekah confesses to the reverend starting with her experiences of the past in the town of New Orleans. She confesses how she has conspired against her own blood. Twenty four hours earlier, Klaus asks Rebekah if Marcel has dropped any hint to her as to what he plans to do to Klaus. Rebekah replies saying no with a little sarcasm. Klaus goes forth to guess that Rebekah thinks he should give Elijah his blood to save him from the trauma of his werewolf bites. Klaus says that Elijah deserves to be bitten because he said cruel things about his intentions for his unborn child. Meanwhile, Elijah suffers the pain of Klaus' werewolf bite with Hayley nursing him. Elijah tries to tell Hayley to leave before he hurts her when the hallucinations start but she refuses. a blood relative of Hayley is seen lurking in the bushes of the cottage where Hayley and Elijah are. Marcel is seen gathering up an army for a battle with Klaus. Elijah hallucinates about a flame from the past. Klaus tells the reverend to convince his niece, Camille to leave town or he will compel her to. battle starts with Klaus and Marcel's minions and ended with Marcel surrendering, forfeiting all his kingdom and pledging alliance. Camille digs deeper into the supernatural of New Orleans.Elijah, deep in his hallucinations strangles Hayley who is saved when her relative stabs him in the back with a stake. Marcel tells Klaus he will never have true loyalty. Elijah's fever is broken and he tells Hayley about his old flame. he tells how he still thinks Klaus is redeemable. Klaus banishes his siblings from his home and kingdom and takes Hayley along.

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The Originals Season 1

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