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Nikita: Set-Up / Season: 4 / Episode: 3 (00040003) (2013)

Nikita: Set-Up / Season: 4 / Episode: 3 (00040003) (2013) (Television Episode)
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Set-Up (Television Episode)

Season: 4
Episode: 3
Production Code: 00040003

December 6, 2013
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Tension grows between the United States and Pakistan after Amanda plants an evidence that Pakistan hired Nikita to kill the president. Alex is framed by the CIA for sending Nikita money and helping her. Meanwhile, Ryan tries to find the next impostor that The Shop are going to use and he thinks that it's Birkhoff. Ryan tries to prove it by showing that Birkhoff saved the next impostor. However, Birkhoff reveals to Nikita that his real name is Lionel Peller and that the next impostor by The Shop is actually Ronald Peller — his father. In order to save Birkhoff's father, Nikita decides to use the impostor to find The Shop's location and save the real one. Michael and Sam are forced to team together in order to save Alex from the CIA. Nikita is forced to kill the impostor after he tries to assault Birkhoff. Meanwhile, Amanda learns the true identity of Birkhoff and the fact that Ronald is his father, and is even more interested in destroying Shadownet.