Scarlett and David's affair is front page news, and Scarlet faces the disapproval of the private school mothers. Barney and Nicole agree to be 'just friends' but their definitions of friendship differ somewhat. While drunk, Greene telephones a gangster friend who owes him a favour, saying he wants Lane Hole dead for swindling his father out of his portfolio of shares. An assassin is hired and kills a neighbour of Hole's by mistake. Greene sobers up too late.

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Rake Season 2

# Title Air Date
2:1 R v Mohammed Sep 6, 2012
2:2 R v Fenton Sep 13, 2012
2:3 R v Wooldridge & Anor Sep 20, 2012
2:4 R v Floyd Sep 27, 2012
2:5 R v Turner Oct 4, 2012
2:6 R v Alford Oct 11, 2012
2:7 Green v Hole Oct 18, 2012
2:8 Greene Oct 25, 2012

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