Corporate informs Michael that an incentive program has been set up where the top Dunder Mifflin sales representative will be rewarded with a prize of up to $1000. As Michael decides on choosing that prize, Katy (Amy Adams), a pretty young purse saleswoman, comes into the office to sell her wares. When Michael sees her, he offers to let her set up shop in the conference room, which catches every male's eye. As he shows her around the office, Michael tries to impress her while doing his best to impede the chances of any other office male. Jim convinces Dwight that he should approach her and if all else fails, he should buy a purse, which he does to Pam and Jim's delight. When Michael hears she'll need a ride home, he does his best to offer himself, going so far as to spend the aforementioned $1000 on an espresso machine to impress her. However, she actually ends up leaving with Jim, leaving Michael and Dwight devastated. It is revealed that Katy and Jim are also going out for a drink, to the apparent jealousy of Pam.

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Sesame Street

Sesame Street

Date: November 10, 1969
This Television Series is referred to by Hot Girl
Michael interrupts Oscar while working in order to introduce him to Katy (the "hot girl" who comes to the office to sell handbags). Oscar tells Michael that he is on the phone. Michael then calls him Oscar the grouch to which Katy proudly replies that she knows that Oscar the grouch is from Sesame Street.

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