The office staffers hold a "Secret Santa" gift exchange at their Christmas party. Jim got Pam's name for the first time this year, and puts a great deal of effort into getting her the perfect gift. Michael buys a video iPod as his gift to Ryan, far exceeding the $20 limit. He is disappointed by the handmade item he receives from Phyllis and introduces a "Yankee Swap", in which someone can choose to steal someone else's gift or open a new one. Jim is left feeling uncertain about the fate of his special present for Pam while the staff guns for the iPod. Although Pam ends up with the iPod at the end of the swap, she elects to trade the iPod for Jim's gift that was meant for her to show her appreciation. While she goes through the various aspects of her gift, Jim sneaks a letter that he wrote for her into his pocket. 
After ruining his staff's mood, Michael disobeys company policy by buying an obscene amount of alcohol for the Christmas party to compensate. Everyone ends up having a good time, with the exception of Angela, who is furious that she received no appreciation for her efforts towards arranging the Christmas party. The episode ends with a drunken Meredith exposing herself to Michael, who takes a picture, and then quickly flees.

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The Office Season 2

# Title Air Date
The Office
2:1 The Dundies Sep 20, 2005
2:2 Sexual Harassment Sep 27, 2005
2:3 Office Olympics Oct 4, 2005
2:4 The Fire Oct 11, 2005
2:5 Halloween Oct 18, 2005
2:6 The Fight Nov 1, 2005
2:7 The Client Nov 8, 2005
2:8 Performance Review Nov 15, 2005
2:9 E-mail Surveillance Nov 22, 2005
2:10 Christmas Party Dec 6, 2005
2:11 Booze Cruise Jan 5, 2006
2:12 The Injury Jan 12, 2006
2:13 The Secret Jan 19, 2006
2:14 The Carpet Jan 26, 2006
2:16 Valentine's Day Feb 9, 2006
2:15 Boys and Girls
2:17 Dwight's Speech Mar 2, 2006
2:18 Take Your Daughter to Work Day Mar 16, 2006
2:19 Michael's Birthday Mar 30, 2006
2:20 Drug Testing Apr 27, 2006
2:21 Conflict Resolution May 4, 2006
2:22 Casino Night May 11, 2006

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