When someone leaves a disgusting substance (heavily implied but never clearly shown to be human feces) on the carpet in Michael's office, he spends the day at Jim's desk, relegating Jim to the back room to suffer Kelly's constant chattering. She asks Jim to hook her up with Ryan. Jim continues to yearn for Pam, but her groom-to-be, Roy, is in the office replacing the carpet along with Darryl, and Jim is unable to speak with her. 
As the day wears on, Michael becomes convinced that what happened to his office is a hate crime and an act of terrorism. Believing it to have been perpetrated by someone in the office, he begins to lose his faith in his employees, who he considers his "friends" (this suspicion is only fuelled by Oscar and Creed, laughing at the fact that each person thought the other committed the act) and says that he once would have donated an organ to save any of his office friends' lives but would now "let them get a monkey kidney". But his mood changes drastically when he finds out the prank was carried out by his "Best Friend Forever," Todd Packer. Michael instantly finds the joke hilarious, and his faith in his friends is restored. 
At the end of the day, Jim is cheered up when he finds that all seven of his voicemail messages were left by Pam throughout the day.

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