Jan leads the female Dunder Mifflin employees in a "women in the workplace" seminar. Miffed at being excluded, Michael conducts a competing "men in the workplace" seminar in the warehouse. Roy approaches Jim under the belief that Jim used to like Pam. Darryl and his equally irritated crew are forced to participate in Michael's shenanigans, which culminates in Michael trying to drive a forklift. 
Michael's recklessness makes a complete mess of the warehouse while jeopardizing the employees' safety. Michael's plans to hold his own seminar backfire when the warehouse workers decide to form a union. Jan intimidates them into reconsidering, citing mass firings if it were to occur. 
Jan urges Pam to take a corporate training program in graphic design in New York when Pam reveals that she wants to be a graphic designer, but Roy squashes the idea. Jim rebukes Pam for listening to Roy when he is clearly wrong and acting selfish, which creates tension between them. Pam then tells the camera she is happy with her life now, and that they don't even make her dream house in Scranton. She then breaks down and cries in front of the camera. 
As the day comes to a close, Michael leaves the warehouse in complete disarray.

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