Michael is frustrated that Take Your Daughter to Work Day will force him to tone down his office antics. Toby and Stanley Hudson bring their daughters (Sasha and Melissa, respectively), Kevin brings his fiancĂ©e's daughter (Abby), and Meredith brings her son (Jake). Pam is determined to befriend one child by the end of the day. She tries with Abby, who instead takes a liking to Jim. Pam watches, clearly endeared to Jim's way with kids. Sasha walks into Michael's room and plays with his toys, and after his jokes she is quite fond of him. Melissa develops a crush on Ryan and asks for his number, whilst Kelly (who is watching them behind the door) alerts Stanley that Ryan may be up to something. Stanley angrily reprimands Ryan for his "motives". 
Dwight begins to read one of his childhood horror stories to the children, but Michael enters and insists that he stops upsetting the kids. Michael decides to take the children on a tour of the office and introduces the office staff to them. 
Michael shows the office his childhood appearance on a children's show, where he revealed his dream was to "get married and have 100 kids, so I can have 100 friends, and no one can say 'no' to being my friend." He retreats into his office when he realizes that he never came close to that dream. Toby talks to Michael, who decides to start online dating. After being tormented by Jake all day, Dwight is finally stern with him, which quietly pleases Angela. Pam wins over Jake with the paper shredder. Jim leaves the office early to go on a date, to Pam's chagrin. Michael and Dwight end the party by performing Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young's "Teach Your Children".

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