Bob's time alone and introduction to the group is explored in a flashback. Maggie, Bob, and Sasha comes across a map to Terminus. Maggie believes Glenn would go looking for her there, but Sasha is against the idea, not wanting to face the possibility that Tyreese could be dead. Maggie abandons Bob and Sasha in the middle of the night and heads for Terminus alone. Bob and Sasha try to follow until Sasha decides she wants to give up and settle in an abandoned town. Bob kisses her hoping to change her mind, but it doesn't work and he moves on. While settling in an abandoned building, Sasha stumbles upon Maggie and accidentally awakens a large group of walkers. After killing them off, Maggie tells Sasha she was waiting for Sasha and Bob because she realizes she can't make the trip to Terminus alone and needs them. Daryl and Beth grow emotionally closer and relax in a recently inhabited mortuary. Daryl finds food and walkers dressed with funerary makeup while Beth plays music. The funeral home is invaded by walkers, and Daryl tells Beth to run while he covers her retreat. After barely escaping, Daryl is distraught to find Beth's bag lying on the ground and sees a car leaving. Daryl pursues the car on foot until exhausted and sits down in the middle of the road until he is surrounded and confronted by the same armed men Rick previously eluded. After a tense standoff with the group's leader, they all lower their weapons. Maggie and Sasha finally catch up to Bob and proceed to Terminus together. Elsewhere, Glenn discovers the signs leading to Terminus.

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