Work begins on the dissolution of the Pearson Darby Specter firm. Louis convinces Jessica to let him handle the negotiations, on the grounds that Jessica and Harvey would be too emotionally involved. This move backfires when Darby appoints Nigel to negotiate with Louis, as Nigel (provoked by Louis' lack of affection for the cat) shuts the door on Harvey and Jessica's plan to defeat Darby. Meanwhile, Mike asks Rachel to move in with him (to the apartment he acquired for his late grandmother), but the two begin to fight over each other's irritants. Louis and Katrina have a plan to increase the firm's business with Gianapoulos Holdings, which would increase their side's share of the settlement with Darby. Gianapoulos' aide is impressed with Louis' financial wits, but tells him he lacks the stature to have the proposal considered. Harvey sends Mike to ask Robert Zane to pay the Folsom Foods settlement immediately in return for a discount. Zane refuses until Mike invokes his relationship with Rachel; Zane is amused and impressed with Mike's chutzpah but Rachel is enraged when she learns of it. She tells Mike that she has been admitted to Stanford. Darby appoints Scottie as his new negotiator, with the promise of a named partnership if she wins. She pleads with Harvey to exclude the Folsom Foods settlement from the negotiations, mentioning how she helped him with the Hessington Oil case and their feelings for each other, and promising that she will not go after more money for Darby. Harvey convinces Jessica to agree to this, arguing that the whole firm will suffer from having Darby as an enemy. Soon after, it is revealed that Hessington Oil has fired the firm, and Harvey is enraged, believing that Scottie played him. Encouraged by Katrina, Louis shows his plan that was rejected by Gianapoulos' aide to Harvey, and asks him to present it. Harvey, still furious over Scottie's apparent manipulation, compliments Louis before taking him along to meet with Gianapoulos, who agrees to move his business toward the Pearson Specter side of the firm. But Harvey then learns the Hessington Oil firing was in fact the work of Ava alone, as she is also suing the still-undissolved Pearson Darby Specter firm for malpractice.

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