Raylan seeks information on Quarles' location after he finds Trooper Tom dead outside Boyd's bar. Shelby warns Boyd that the Marshals got a tip that Boyd killed Devil and are searching for Devil's body. Ava and Johnny suspect Arlo slipped out the information. Quarles takes a woman and her two sons hostage and finds out from head crime boss Theo Tonin that he needs to pay $500,000 in order to "return home". Quarles uses the hostages to get Raylan to take him up to Limehouse in order to get the money. Raylan convinces Limehouse that giving Quarles the money would give him the peace he longed for. Limehouse cuts open a dead pig hung on a meat rack in which money is stashed, and money begins to dump out onto the floor. Errol shows up and shoots Quarles. Quarles returns fire and shoots Errol, allowing Limehouse enough time to chop off Quarles' shooting arm. Laying on the floor about to die, Quarles reveals that Arlo was actually the one who shot and killed Trooper Tom. Raylan and the Marshals arrest Arlo. Arlo confesses to shooting Tom and also falsely confesses to killing Devil in order to protect Boyd. The Marshals release Boyd. The season ends with Raylan telling Winona about his day, wondering if Arlo shot a man in a hat pointing a gun at Boyd, not caring if it could have been his son Raylan.

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Justified Season 3

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