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Raylan visits Winona, who is being held hostage by three of Augustine's henchmen. The men want to use Winona as leverage so that Raylan will take them to Drew Thompson. Raylan and Winona manage to kill the three men. Afterwards, Art warns Raylan he will be fired if he goes after Augustine. Meanwhile, Ava, Jimmy, and Boyd prepare to exhume Delroy's body from the mine, only to find that law enforcement has already beaten them to it based on an anonymous tip. Boyd then decides to use his leverage with Lee Paxton, who owns the funeral home that Delroy's body is in. Boyd earlier had the Detroit mob kill two of Lee's acquantances and Boyd suggested Lee was next if he didn't give him $100,000 and a Dairy Queen franchise. Boyd tells Lee to help him now, and his debt will be repaid. Lee suggests swapping the bodies before the autopsy report. Raylan then visits Augustine in his limo and offers him the deal of turning himself in and swearing not to harm his family. Augustine scoffs at the cop threat and vows to kill Raylan's family once he returns to Harlan after killing Sammy Tonin in Detroit. Raylan, however, has already called Sammy to Harlan. Sammy's henchman (and Picker, who has seen which horse to back) execute Augustine by shooting up his limo. Meanwhile, Ava is arrested while disposing of Delroy's body, Lee having engineered an elaborate scheme to incarcerate Boyd. Boyd vows to have Ava free in 24 hours by buying her the best lawyer money can afford. Boyd sees Cassie, the dead preacher's sister, in the distance observing the bust as she was the anonymous tipster. Duffy visits Boyd, telling him that he is now in charge of heroin distribution in Harlan. The last part of the episode shows Raylan plastering over the hole in the wall of Arlo's house (the house Raylan grew up in) before going outside to sit in a chair and drink while staring at the graves of Frances, Arlo, and the headstone for his own future grave-site. Boyd breaks into the house he wanted to buy with Ava and looks around stoically. Boyd takes one last look at the path he thought would lead him away from his roots, while Raylan returns to his.

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