Raylan is on his way to visit a couple of prisoners, including his dad, when he finds out that a person he delivered to bail bondsmen escaped and killed Raylan's female acquaintance and her partner. Raylan eventually finds this escapee at the bar below where Raylan lives, and shoots him in a standoff. Raylan visits his dad in prison. Raylan tells him he will get him transferred to a country club prison if Arlo tells him where Drew is and that's the best deal Raylan is willing to offer. Arlo dismisses the offer. Raylan tells his dad he does not really care if he is killed in prison by associates of the Detroit mob that are also looking for Thompson. Raylan leaves his dad after telling his dad that he is on his way to see the ex-sheriff Hunter Mosley. Hunter was a dirty cop that worked for the Miami mob; Raylan took him down in Season 1, Episode 7 ("Blind Spot"). He helped the Miami mob try to kill Raylan in season one. In a separate plotline, Boyd is no closer to finding Drew Thompson at a house party with wealthy people from Harlan. Some of the partygoers ask Boyd to kill someone for him or they will shut down Boyd's brothel.

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Justified Season 4

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