Jan berates Michael when she discovers that he calls the entire office into the conference room every Monday to watch a movie. Angela prods Dwight to ask Jan to give him Michael's job. After the awkward meeting with Dwight, Jan calls Michael and demands he get his branch under control. 
The Stamford branch plays Call of Duty under the guise of a team-building exercise. New to the game, Jim's play is poor and he draws the ire of his teammates. As he leaves for home, Jim pretends to toss a grenade at Karen, who responds by creating a pretend explosion with paper clips. Karen longingly watches Jim leave. 
Kelly insists that Pam perform a lunchtime fashion show to show off a new sweater. When it draws unwanted attention, Pam concludes that it is too revealing. 
Michael leads Dwight to believe that he has been given control of the branch before revealing the ruse. Dwight begs for his job and for Michael's forgiveness, offering to do his laundry for a year. When it appears that Michael is on the verge of firing Dwight, he makes reference to Entourage and insists that they "hug it out, bitch." Dwight quickly returns to being Michael's loyal right-hand man, but Michael, still harboring resentment, forces him to stand atop a box with a "LIAR" sign dangling from his neck.

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