Tywin Lannister oversees the reforging of Ice, the Stark ancestral sword, into two new swords. He gives one to his son Jaime, who tries and fails to return to his earlier life before the loss of his sword hand. Prince Oberyn, brother of Prince Doran Martell of Dorne, arrives in King's Landing with his paramour Ellaria Sand to attend the royal wedding in his place and is welcomed by Tyrion Lannister, and later reveals his true plans for his visit: revenge against the Lannisters for the rape and death of his sister, Elia. In the North, while Styr and his group of cannibal Thenns reinforce Tormund Giantsbane and the other wildlings, Jon Snow has returned to Castle Black and is released after confessing what he did during his stay with the wildings. Across the Narrow Sea, Daenerys Targaryen leads her army on a march towards Meereen, the last of the three great slave cities, though she is troubled by how her dragons grow less tame as they grow larger. In the Riverlands, Arya, accompanied by Sandor "The Hound" Clegane, reclaims her sword Needle from Polliver, and uses it to kill him the same way he murdered Lommy Greenhands, as retribution for her friend.

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Game of Thrones Season 4

# Title Air Date
Game of Thrones
4:1 Two Swords Apr 6, 2014
4:2 The Lion and the Rose Apr 13, 2014
4:3 Breaker of Chains Apr 20, 2014
4:4 Oathkeeper Apr 27, 2014
4:5 First of His Name May 4, 2014
4:6 The Laws of Gods and Men May 11, 2014
4:7 Mockingbird May 18, 2014
4:8 The Mountain and the Viper Jun 1, 2014
4:9 The Watchers on the Wall Jun 8, 2014
4:10 The Children Jun 15, 2014

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