In Essos, Stannis and Davos travel to Braavos to appeal to the Iron Bank to grant them a loan. While the Iron Bank is reluctant at first, Davos manages to convince them to back Stannis. In Meereen, Daenerys attempts to take on her new role as Queen as she listens to the requests of her subjects. At the Dreadfort, Yara leads an attack in an effort to rescue Theon but fails when Theon refuses to come with her. After seeing Theon's current state as Reek, Yara tells her men that Theon is dead. In King's Landing, Tywin puts a price on the Hound's head and instructs Varys to continue spying on Daenerys. Later that day, Tyrion is brought to trial for Joffrey's murder. However, all of the witnesses brought in testify against him, including Shae. Angry and broken, Tyrion demands that his fate be determined in a trial by combat.

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Game of Thrones Season 4

# Title Air Date
Game of Thrones
4:1 Two Swords Apr 6, 2014
4:2 The Lion and the Rose Apr 13, 2014
4:3 Breaker of Chains Apr 20, 2014
4:4 Oathkeeper Apr 27, 2014
4:5 First of His Name May 4, 2014
4:6 The Laws of Gods and Men May 11, 2014
4:7 Mockingbird May 18, 2014
4:8 The Mountain and the Viper Jun 1, 2014
4:9 The Watchers on the Wall Jun 8, 2014
4:10 The Children Jun 15, 2014

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