Jan informs Michael that the Scranton branch will close, with a few people transferred to Stamford and the rest laid off. Michael takes the news badly, and soon spills the beans to the rest of the office prematurely. Michael and Dwight decide to confront the CFO at his home, while Ryan takes this opportunity to break up with Kelly. 
Stamford branch manager Josh reveals that he has leveraged the situation to obtain a better position at Staples, throwing the restructuring into disarray. The new plan is to close Stamford instead, and Jan offers Jim the number two position in Scranton, but he is reluctant to accept it. 
The Scranton branch is relieved when they hear they are saved, and Kelly is thrilled that she and Ryan don't have to break up after all. When Michael and Dwight get the news, they celebrate their success, unsure exactly how they accomplished it. 
After agonizing over the decision, Jim accepts the position and suggests to Karen that she join him in Scranton. In a talking head interview, Karen admits that even though she does not think he is "into her", she is "kind of into him".

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