Michael announces that the sales department will be pairing up. Andy chooses Michael, Phyllis chooses Karen, and Stanley grudgingly chooses Ryan, leaving Dwight with Jim. Andy learns that Dwight does Michael's laundry as punishment for meeting with Jan to take over the branch. During their sales call, Andy sabotages the meeting, setting up an opportunity to later apologize to Michael, stating that he had really "Schruted" the situation, a further attempt to deride Dwight. 
While the salespeople are out, Angela tells Pam a thinly disguised story of how "Kurt" saves "Noelle" ("Kurt" and "Noelle" being Dwight's and Angela's middle names, respectively) by taking important documents to New York. 
At first, Jim's and Dwight's sales call appears to be a fiasco, but it is immediately clear that the joint force of Jim's straight-and-honest sales approach, along with Dwight's aggressive, erratic tactics, is a very successful partnership. Ryan asks Stanley if he could lead on this call so Stanley can critique him, which Stanley obliges. However, Ryan freezes up and fails when he realizes that Stanley's clients are all black. Stanley laughs at an annoyed Ryan during the entire trip back to the office. Phyllis and Karen first stop at a beauty parlor, emerging with gaudy makeovers. Their sales call is a success owing to the fact, as Phyllis knew, that the client obviously likes women with that kind of look, as evidenced by the photo of his wife. Returning to the office, Phyllis tells Karen that she's pleased that Jim got over his crush on Pam. Karen confronts Jim with this information, and he reassures her that his crush has passed. 
Andy finds evidence of Dwight's trip to New York. Michael accuses Dwight of disloyalty, and Angela prevents him from clearing his name because it would expose their relationship. Dwight resigns. Andy gloats over his success, but the documentary camera catches Angela in the background glaring at him.

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