Jan, Michael, Dwight, Jim, and Karen attend a cocktail party hosted by Dunder-Mifflin's CFO David Wallace. Jan and Michael choose to make their relationship public at this event. 
With the branch managers away, the remainder of the office goes to happy hour at Poor Richard's. While there, Creed is greeted warmly by a group of teenagers to whom he sold fake IDs. Pam reminds Roy that, as her boyfriend, he needs to attend as well. Roy brings his brother, who "took a bath" selling their jet skis. 
At the party, Karen plays a joke on Jim by identifying many people at the party as former boyfriends, Dwight takes it upon himself to give the house a thorough inspection, and Michael's public displays of affection make Jan uncomfortable. Towards the end of the evening, the CFO invites Jim to shoot hoops (play basketball) in the backyard where they witness Dwight kicking the chimney. As Michael and Jan drive home together, they have an awkward argument regarding their future together. As they argue, Dwight pops up in the backseat and tells them, "Don't break up, you guys." 
At Poor Richard's, Pam tells Roy she wants a fresh start in their relationship and tells him about the "Casino Night" kiss. Roy reacts violently, and, along with his brother, begins destroying the bar. Pam calls off their relationship. 
After Roy's brother uses the jet ski money to pay off the bar for damages, Roy angrily mutters, "I am gonna kill Jim Halpert."

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