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The Office: Women's Appreciation / Season: 3 / Episode: 21 (00030021) (2007)

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The Office: Women's Appreciation / Season: 3 / Episode: 21 (00030021) (2007) (Television Episode)
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The Office

Women's Appreciation (Television Episode)

Season: 3
Episode: 21
Production Code: 00030021

May 3, 2007
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When he learns that Phyllis was flashed in the parking lot, Michael holds a misguided seminar on women's issues. He concludes by offering to take the women to the Mall at Steamtown. 
Dwight orders Pam to interview Phyllis and make a sketch of "the pervert". Pam draws a picture of Dwight with a mustache and without glasses. Andy assists an oblivious Dwight in posting fliers with the "predator's" face. 
At the mall, Michael relates his discomfort with his relationship with Jan. All of the women point out reasons for them to break up, except for Karen, who suggests that maybe they are "just having a rough patch", obviously alluding to her own unstable relationship. Pam shoots the idea down by stating that "maybe you're just wrong for each other". Karen visibly takes this statement personally. Michael thanks them for their help by treating them to one item each at Victoria's Secret. Pam is visibly upset when she overhears Phyllis helping Karen pick out a sexy outfit for Jim. Pam buys a robe because she is "between boyfriends" but can cut the robe into new hand towels. Later, she takes a step toward asserting herself by changing a flat tire on Meredith's car. At the office, Kevin sneaks into the women's bathroom and discovers a plush waiting room. The other men soon join him. 
Upon returning to the office, Michael calls Jan to end their relationship, unwisely doing so by leaving a voice mail message. Jan walks into his office to apologize in person for their earlier conversation, but when she receives Michael's voice mail, she storms out of the office.