Confident that he will get the corporate job, Michael sells his condo at a loss on eBay and names Dwight his successor as Regional Manager. Pam cheerfully withstands her colleagues' teasing over her speech from "Beach Games," and tells Karen that she is not sorry about what she said but regrets putting Karen in an awkward position. Karen says Pam is "kind of a bitch." 
Before the end of the day, Kevin asks Jim who he finds more attractive between Karen and Pam. Though Jim initially refuses to answer, he becomes intrigued when Kevin starts to compare the two women. He tells Kevin to keep thinking about it in a joking way, but appears to be very interested in the results. 
Jan arrives at the office to win Michael back. In a panic, Michael consults the women of the office. Pam tells him to be strong and to not get back together with her. Michael attempts to reject Jan, but reverses himself immediately when he sees that she had a breast augmentation. Jim and Karen drive to New York City together and spend the night before their interviews. Karen tells Jim that if either of them gets the job, both should move to New York. She promises to do so, but is met with awkward silence when she asks Jim to reciprocate. 
Dwight begins his new regime, assigning Andy the role of his No. 2 and asking Pam to be his secret "Assistant to the Regional Manager." Dwight's new motivational style is not popular. He and Andy repaint the walls of Dwight's new office black in order to instill fear. 
During his interview at Corporate, Michael learns from CFO David Wallace that he is interviewing for the job currently held by Jan, who will be fired. Michael goes to Jan's office after his interview is over and quickly bumbles into revealing her impending termination. Jan storms into Wallace's office, interrupting Karen's interview, and refuses to leave. After Jan is escorted out by security, Michael learns that he will not be getting the position. On the drive home, Jan tells Michael that she will make their relationship her "full-time job." Michael is visibly uncomfortable. 
Jim's interview with David goes very well until he discovers an encouraging note from Pam along with a yogurt lid medal. Jim recalls a conversation with Pam after her confession on the beach. He discreetly admits that he left Scranton because of her rejection and that he feels that he has never really come back, meaning that he has tried to be a different person. Pam tells him that she wishes that he would come back. 
Jim drives back to Scranton alone and asks Pam on a date. She accepts, visibly moved. 
David Wallace offers the job to Ryan, who accepts and immediately breaks up with Kelly: "You and I are done."

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