The "Save Greendale" committee reaches its peak when Annie (Alison Brie) gathers everyone for the first meeting. When the midterms dance approaches, Annie and Professor Hickey (Jonathan Banks) go for a mission to find a bulletin board to promote the committee, but soon they are faced with dealing with the head custodian (Nathan Fillion), the head of IT (Paget Brewster), the head of parking (Robert Patrick) and Greendale's dean Pelton (Jim Rash). 
Meanwhile, Annie gathers Jeff (Joel McHale), Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown), Chang (Ken Jeong) and Prof. Duncan (John Oliver) for setting the decorations. After Chang convinces everyone to go with the theme "Bear Down For Midterms" (after a crying speech), Neil (Charley Koontz) rapidly kills it by saying it was a cruel reference to a gruesome bear attack in Wisconsin that happened on the same day, which makes the group to reinvent another theme without any context, "Fat Dog For Midterms". They eventually convince Annie to hang the banner after making her realize she was being racist not to consider it as a good dance theme. 
Abed (Danny Pudi) makes Britta (Gillian Jacobs) mad when he reveals a spoiler from Bloodlines of Conquest, a show that she recently started to watch. She in return read all of the books and to avoid listening to Britta's spoilers, Abed put large sound-proof headphones, which gets the attention of an attractive red-headed deaf girl when he tries to communicate with her (and failing in the process). They start to hang out, but in the dance it is revealed that Britta used that opportunity to bribe her in order to spoil the ending of Bloodlines of Conquest in sign language. Abed storms out devastated, but he reencounters Rachel (Brie Larson) the coat check girl, and invites her for dinner, as Britta regrets her actions.

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