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The episode focuses on a dinner party thrown by Michael, the regional manager of the Scranton, Pennsylvania branch of the Dunder Mifflin paper company, and his girlfriend Jan, the former Vice-President of Regional Sales at the Dunder Mifflin corporate office in New York City. Attending the party are the couples of Jim and Pam, and Andy and Angela, as well as the uninvited Dwight along with his childhood babysitter. The party quickly becomes a disaster when Michael and Jan begin to argue, leading Michael to break up with Jan.

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The Office Season 4

# Title Air Date
The Office
4:1 Fun Run Sep 27, 2007
4:2 Dunder Mifflin Infinity Oct 4, 2007
4:3 Launch Party Oct 11, 2007
4:4 Money Oct 18, 2007
4:5 Local Ad Oct 25, 2007
4:6 Branch Wars Nov 1, 2007
4:7 Survivor Man Nov 8, 2007
4:8 The Deposition Nov 15, 2007
4:9 Dinner Party Apr 10, 2008
4:10 Chair Model Apr 17, 2008
4:11 Night Out Apr 24, 2008
4:12 Did I Stutter? May 1, 2008
4:13 Job Fair May 8, 2008
4:14 Goodbye, Toby May 15, 2008

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