The idea of intelligence is explored in the concepts of computers (using bits as their basic units of information), whales (in their songs and their disruptions by human activities), DNA, the human brain (the evolution of the brain stem, frontal lobes, neurons, cerebral hemispheres, and corpus callosum under the Triune Brain Model), and man-made structures for collective intelligence (cities, libraries, books, computers, and satellites). The episode ends with speculation on alien intelligence and the information conveyed on the Voyager Golden Record.

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Cosmos: A Personal Voyage Season 1

# Title Air Date
Cosmos: A Personal Voyage
1:14 Ted Turner Interviews Dr. Sagan
1:1 The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean Sep 28, 1980
1:2 One Voice in the Cosmic Fugue Oct 5, 1980
1:3 Harmony of the Worlds Oct 12, 1980
1:4 Heaven and Hell Oct 19, 1980
1:5 Blues for a Red Planet Oct 26, 1980
1:6 Travellers' Tales Nov 2, 1980
1:8 Journeys in Space and Time Nov 16, 1980
1:9 The Lives of the Stars Nov 23, 1980
1:10 The Edge of Forever Nov 30, 1980
1:11 The Persistence of Memory Dec 7, 1980
1:12 Encyclopedia Galactica Dec 14, 1980
1:13 Who Speaks for Earth? Dec 21, 1980