The journeys of the Voyager probes is put in the context of the Netherlands in the seventeenth century, with a centuries-long tradition of sailing ship explorers, and its contemporary thinkers (such as Constantijn Huygens and his son Christian). Their discoveries are compared to the Voyager probes' discoveries among the Jovian and Saturn systems. In Cosmos Update, image processing reconstructs Voyager's worlds and Voyager's last portrait of the Solar System as it leaves is shown. 7 "The Backbone of Night" November 9, 1980 Carl Sagan teaches students in a classroom in his childhood home in Brooklyn, New York, which leads into a history of the different mythologies about stars and the gradual revelation of their true nature. In ancient Greece, some philosophers (Aristarchus of Samos, Thales of Miletus, Anaximander, Theodorus of Samos, Empedocles, Democritus) freely pursue scientific knowledge, while others (Plato, Aristotle, and the Pythagoreans) advocate slavery and epistemic secrecy.

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Cosmos: A Personal Voyage Season 1

# Title Air Date
Cosmos: A Personal Voyage
1:14 Ted Turner Interviews Dr. Sagan
1:1 The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean Sep 28, 1980
1:2 One Voice in the Cosmic Fugue Oct 5, 1980
1:3 Harmony of the Worlds Oct 12, 1980
1:4 Heaven and Hell Oct 19, 1980
1:5 Blues for a Red Planet Oct 26, 1980
1:6 Travellers' Tales Nov 2, 1980
1:8 Journeys in Space and Time Nov 16, 1980
1:9 The Lives of the Stars Nov 23, 1980
1:10 The Edge of Forever Nov 30, 1980
1:11 The Persistence of Memory Dec 7, 1980
1:12 Encyclopedia Galactica Dec 14, 1980
1:13 Who Speaks for Earth? Dec 21, 1980