The hunt is on for Juan's car, on the assumption that it contains the last recording he made. Briggs asks Jakes' help to find it and get rid of it; he reluctantly agrees after Briggs tells him the true story of Juan's death. Jakes finds evidence that the car was stolen off the street. They locate the likely thief, a petty criminal named Clayton already known to Briggs. Mike and Paige independently trace the car to Clayton. Briggs finds Clayton and asks him for work, using his prior undercover persona. Clayton agrees to use him when he robs a massage parlor the next day, using Juan's car for the getaway. Mike arrives and manages to insert himself into this plan in place of Jakes. Briggs arranges with Jakes to give him time to take the recording from the car when the robbers are arrested, but Mike foils this by handcuffing Briggs to a wall during the robbery. Mike arrests Clayton when they reach the car, but the recording is gone. Meanwhile, Johnny locates Quinn for Charlie and she visits him, bringing Cortes/Jangles as her partner because Quinn has seen Johnny. She gets alone with Quinn and savagely beats him, blaming him for Whistler's death. Briggs takes a backpack from behind a wall in Graceland and leaves for parts unknown.

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