Tusk is now the only one who can guarantee Frank's destruction by revealing Frank's knowledge of secret, fraudulent dealings with Feng. Walker offers Tusk a pardon in return for implicating Frank. Frank advises Tusk against it, but Tusk refuses to listen. Linda Vasquez speaks on behalf of Walker during her testimony. Claire consoles Megan, who rebukes her. Meanwhile, Gavin, having infiltrated AT&T's cell servers, has enough leverage to press Green for a meeting with Stamper, who ultimately agrees. In the face of upcoming midterms, Jackie works to secure votes for impeachment, per Frank's request. Claire, afraid that her and Frank's plan is failing, pushes Frank to reconcile with Walker. Walker and his wife go to Camp David to avoid the press. Frank, in an attempt to gain Walker's good graces once again, appeals to his emotions in a letter and even offers to assume responsibility for the money-laundering accusations that have severely damaged Walker's approval ratings. Walker contacts Frank after reading the letter, but is not fully convinced of Frank's sincerity. He states that in order to gain his trust, Frank will have to produce results by whipping enough votes to save Walker from impeachment. Frank agrees, and after reaching this deal, Walker calls off his offer to Tusk. Jackie seeks Remy, who still has feelings for her. Tusk appears in a hearing, and initially pleads the fifth, but after realizing that Walker has abandoned him by rescinding his pardon offer, testifies against the President and claims that he knew about the money-laundering. The nation is in an uproar and Walker's approval ratings drop to single-digits. Stamper meets with Gavin, and Gavin (having hacked Stamper's phone) knows about his meetings with Rachel. He demands protection from the FBI in return for keeping quiet. Stamper, believing that Rachel has contacted someone without informing him, meets with Rachel and demands for her to tell him the truth. She denies revealing anything about the two of them, but Stamper does not believe her. At a traffic light, Rachel flees the car and runs into the woods. Stamper pursues her, but she attacks him with a rock and kills him. Meanwhile, the House pursues impeachment. Walker, seeing no hope in surviving impeachment amidst the nation's demands, resigns. He and Frank part on friendly terms. Frank is sworn in as President of the United States, and immediately negotiates an end to the military standoff with China by rescinding Feng's immunity and asylum and sending him back to China. Claire has remade Frank's class ring (which he buried earlier in the season at a Civil War memorial). He puts it on in the oval office, and knocks it on the desk twice before the screen cuts to black and the season ends.

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