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Michael's enemy, the ruthless arms dealer Tyler Brennen (Jay Karnes) and Michael's former friend and mentor, "Dead Larry" Sizemore (Tim Matheson), team up to pressure Michael into killing the individuals on the stolen NOC list. Brennen has a voice recording of Michael revealing the details of Vaughn's organization to Marv; this evidence will automatically be emailed to Vaughn at 5 am, unless Michael complies, in which case Brennen will delay delivery by another 24 hours. Brennen tells Michael that if Vaughn receives the recording, he will most likely kill Michael and everyone close to him. Soon after Larry kills the first target, Larry kills Brennen and forces Michael to aid him, knowing the latter has little choice, now that the voice recording will be sent to Vaughn. Meanwhile, Sam, Jesse and Fiona successfully steal the NOC list from Brennen's safe. Michael and Larry soon show up to find the safe gone. A standoff between Michael and Larry ensues, with Sam stopping Larry with a laser-targeted sniper scope, allowing Michael to leave while causing Larry to stay put for the police. Michael tells the rest of the gang to prepare for an all-out assault from Vaughn.

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Burn Notice Season 4

# Title Air Date
Burn Notice
4:1 Friends and Enemies Jun 3, 2010
4:2 Fast Friends Jun 10, 2010
4:3 Made Man Jun 17, 2010
4:4 Breach of Faith Jun 24, 2010
4:5 Neighborhood Watch Jul 1, 2010
4:6 Entry Point Jul 15, 2010
4:7 Past & Future Tense Jul 22, 2010
4:8 Where There's Smoke Jul 29, 2010
4:9 Center of the Storm Aug 5, 2010
4:10 Hard Time Aug 12, 2010
4:11 Blind Spot Aug 19, 2010
4:12 Guilty As Charged Aug 26, 2010
4:13 Eyes Open Nov 11, 2010
4:14 Hot Property Nov 18, 2010
4:15 Brotherly Love Dec 2, 2010
4:16 Dead or Alive Dec 9, 2010
4:17 Out of the Fire Dec 16, 2010
4:18 Last Stand Dec 16, 2010

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