Michael, Fiona, and Sam corner Anson. Fiona attempts to shoot and kill Anson but Michael prevents his death at the last second. Fiona and Sam proceed to track down one of Anson's co workers, but he is killed by an explosion via a bomb presumably set off by Anson. Michael catches up with Fiona at the loft and finds that she's ready to turn herself in to the FBI rather than let Michael remain under Anson's control. Michael tells Fiona that he will do anything for her and he handcuffs her in place to return to the CIA operation over her screaming objections. Michael is trusted with an official CIA team (Kristanna Loken and Dean Cain) to take down a spy recruiter (Eric Roberts). Meanwhile, Anson takes the opportunity to force Michael to burn the team and Pearce to provide recruits for his new organization. Michael discovers that one of the spies, Rebecca, is really a mole working for Anson. At the last moment, Michael helps Jesse escape from danger, capture the spy recruiter, and prevent Pearce and the other spies from being burned. Michael gets on the phone with Anson and tells him that it is over for good. But when Michael arrives back at the loft, he finds that Fiona has freed herself and chained Sam in her place. Michael races to the FBI building to keep her from surrendering, while Anson makes a few calls and meets up with Rebecca. Michael arrives at the FBI just in time to get Fiona's attention before she enters the building. Unfortunately, the FBI was warned by Anson that she was coming and they swarm upon Fiona and arrest her as Michael looks on helplessly. Moments after Fiona is arrested, Michael stares at the FBI building, pondering his next move as cars and buses pass by him.

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Burn Notice Season 5

# Title Air Date
Burn Notice
5:1 Company Man Jun 23, 2011
5:2 Bloodlines Jun 30, 2011
5:3 Mind Games Jul 7, 2011
5:4 No Good Deed Jul 14, 2011
5:5 Square One Jul 21, 2011
5:6 Enemy of My Enemy Jul 28, 2011
5:7 Beseiged Aug 4, 2011
5:8 Hard Out Aug 11, 2011
5:9 Eye for an Eye Aug 18, 2011
5:10 Army of One Aug 25, 2011
5:11 Better Halves Sep 1, 2011
5:12 Dead to Rights Sep 8, 2011
5:13 Damned If You Do Nov 3, 2011
5:14 Breaking Point Nov 10, 2011
5:15 Necessary Evil Nov 17, 2011
5:16 Depth Perception Dec 1, 2011
5:17 Acceptable Loss Dec 8, 2011
5:18 Fail Safe Dec 15, 2011

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